Palliative & Hospice

ICAP Inc. will promote educational and supportive activities such as “Conversations About Living & Dying Well” using the Hello Conversation Game and other workshops on the topics of Palliative and Hospice Care for informed of life care decisions. Programs will offer seminars, workshops and conferences with knowledgeable facilitators and speakers to educate and empower faith based organizations to service and support congregants and families whose loved ones are health eligible for palliative and/or hospice life planning care. Resources will be included to address the question:

Are your affairs in order?

ICAP, Inc. will provide informative forums to empower families, clergy, lay leaders and individuals with the tools of better understanding the benefits of palliative and hospice care. ICAP inc. is available to build strategic partnerships with seminaries, colleges, and health institutions to promote a better understanding of the faith culture as a support to patients, congregants, consumers and families.

ICAP Inc. will host workshops about understanding the various definitions of compassionate care that is available for people in their varying phases of health challenges.The organization is available for awareness and outreach activities for faith based and other communities.