Bav Girl

Bav Girl Phenomena©℠ assists to determine the assets and liabilities of relationships. It is an opportunity to enhance or discover self-esteem thru spiritual, emotional, physical and historical wellness. Goals include skill building using health, nutrition, herstory, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness for self and/or other life relationships. It includes education and awareness of sexual transmitted diseases, women related health and wellness, resistance to sexual desires without healthy relationships. BAV will examine trends and negative marketing images which contradict positive esteem values. It offers insightful holistic perspectives using topic experts and facilitators.

BAV is an empowerment support for girls, young women, college students, seasoned women who are or will practice a faith walk of celibacy or abstinence to receive healthy relationships and build the esteem of self-love and God Love.

The results will delight and impress you!

Self-Confidence and healing contributes to the outcomes of one’s life journey. The BAV Girl Phenomenon©℠ stands for women who practice abstinence and/or celibacy during any life segment (college students, singles of all ages and generations, divorced and widowed those in recovery of wrong relationship choices and victims of acts of violence). It will utilize educational, spiritual, and motivational speakers, seminars, workshops, webinars and network gatherings to aid discovery of individual comfort zones. If at first you don’t succeed remember you can be born again!! Explore the question of being single and searching or single and satisfied!



Group Identification helps to positively reinforce or establish a healthy esteem awareness. It is a respecter of the diversity of spiritual values.

The BAV Girl Team is available for speaking, vending and workshop opportunities:
Sandra D. Lawrence
BAV Girl Phenomena
C/O ICAP, Inc.
PO Box 34775
Philadelphia, PA 19101